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Pro Engineer

  • Pro/ENGINEER concepts
  • Using the Pro/ENGINEER interface
  • Creating sketcher geometry
  • Creating extrudes, revolves, and ribs
  • Selecting and editing
  • Creating datum features
  • Utilizing internal sketches and embedded datums
  • Creating sweeps and blends
  • Creating holes and shells
  • Creating rounds, chamfers and Drafts
  • Variable section sweeps, Helical sweeps and Swept blends
  • Creating patterns
  • Group, copy, and mirror tools
  • Measuring and inspecting models
  • Advanced reference management
  • Relations and parameters
  • Layers, Family tables & UDF
  • Exploding assemblies
  • Creating surface features
  • Editing surface features in Pro/ENGINEER
  • Creating drawing views
  • Creating drawing details
  • Using advanced assembly constraints
  • Creating and using component interfaces
  • Creating and using flexible components
  • Using assembly features and shrinkwrap
  • Replacing components in an assembly
  • Understanding simplified reps
  • Creating cross-sections, display styles, and combined views
  • Substituting components by rep, envelope, and model
  • Creating and using assembly structure and skeletons
  • Introduction to sheet metal design
  • Primary walls, Secondary and unattached walls
  • Unbend, bend back and cuts
  • Sheet metal forms
  • Bending & Unbending sheet metal geometry
  • Sheet metal drawings with flat states and bend order table
  • Real time rendering





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